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Admission Process

Admission Software

myly provides a Systematic computerized admission process with student data & document collection and fees collection along with complete transparency.

Integrate with myly School Management Software, myly Admission Software is the perfect software for school admission management, and makes private school's admission process very easy. Admission process includes fees payment to ensure no revenue leakage for the school. You can decide to apply any fees as per the yearly fees plan at the time of admission.Parents will get fees payment details and receipts on their app. A 2-step approval system ensures control for the school management.

Centralized Admission

Ensure all admissions in the system from a single point only.

Student Data Collection

Collect all necessary data for each student getting admission.

Apply Fees

Ensure that all necessary fees is applied at the time of admission itself

Role-based access

Only authorized personned get access to admission management.

Admission Fees Collection

Collect fees at the time of admission to ensure better cashflow.

Reduce Delays

Reduce delay in admission and fees collection.


Admission process becomes error-free as there is minimum manual intervention.

Save Time

By ensuring all admission related items in a workflow, school saves a lot of time.

Secure & Safe

Secure encryption technology and highly secure data centers always keep your data safe.

How it works

School Schedules Fees

Capture admission data

Automated fees reminder sent to Parents

Capture demographic details

Parents pay from app or physically

Apply due fees

Fees directly deposited in school’s bank account

Collect due fees

Parents get printed receipt or email

Approve admission