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School Newsletter – A potent marketing tool

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Mostly all schools wish to maintain highest possible level of personal interaction with parents. However, this is not possible on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. And this is where schools use their newsletters to reach out to the parents and maintain a relationship with them. Newsletters are mostly updates about the school, the progress it is making, the new policies or changes and the general motto of the school. Best educational apps help the school roll out these newsletters to parents automatically and can be of great value. A school newsletter has its own importance that cannot be undermined because of the following purposes it serves

Online school fees payment

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In today’s era of digitization, online school fees payment systems have emerged as a promising innovation that is going to revolutionize the way fees payments work in the education system. Traditional methods of fees management are taking a back seat and online transactions are gaining precedence. Let’s have a detailed look as to how the concept of fees management software has gained such popularity and acclaim-

Top 5 things you must have in your school mobile app

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Having a school mobile app is no longer sufficient. It is very important to have an app that’s user friendly and easy to operate. There can be a lot of features an app can have but these are the basic must haves from your school app

Can technology bridge school-parent communication gap?

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Communication gap is a problem all over the world. To cope up with it, technology is currently being used. Schools are now handling this problem using mobile apps for parents. They are providing parents with all the information they can, over school mobile apps and helping them get closer to their ward as well as the school.

Reasons behind soaring school mobile apps

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School Mobile apps have shown a great growth in western states. But increasing number of Smartphone users in India and its digital statistics suggests that India is set to see the spark of School Mobile apps. Increasing usage of school mobile apps can be credited to the benefits that these apps provide to schools, parents and teachers.

Can technology in schools arouse student curiosity?

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“Millions saw the apple fall, but only Newton asked why.” That’s the power of curiosity. This cognitive state gears up when we are growing, and after a certain time, starts to go downhill2. This is because schools today are standardizing students. Technology can make us rise above that. Technology can be used to arouse curiosity because it is fresh, exhilarating and unpredictable.

4 Ways for schools to keep up with technology

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Technology has come long ahead of the time when it was an add-on. Its a need in todays world. Therefore, schools and institutions have started to adopt technology too. But there are some problems that they face while adopting it. Check for recent developments, know what your competitors are doing and keep assessing the changes to integrate technology seamlessly.

School website vs. school mobile app

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In today’s world, both website and school Mobile app have their own significance. Website may be suitable for showing static and generic data for everyone. On the other hand, school mobile app allows school to reach out to parents more effectively with user generated dynamic data.

The school website is distinctly different from a school mobile app. Here are some key differences between the two.

Digital school fees payment – trend or fad?

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Digital school fees payment has become a solution to a lot of archaic and flawed fees collecting methods. Such management software is developed out of both – technical advancement and a need to eliminate lengthy and arduous manual transactions. Today, there is hardly any institution that does not offer its students the facility of making an online school fees payment showing a massive change in trends. Following are the factors responsible for these changes in fees payment methods-

5 ways educational institutions can build brand image

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A brand image is important for an educational institution to be perceived as trustworthy. If people do not have faith in the services being rendered, they are bound to look out for options. Following are the five ways in which educational institutions can build a good school brand image for themselves

5 smart uses of social media in educational institutions

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Social media is a platform that can be both a constructive as well as a destructive force. It all depends on the end user as to what they are making out of it. Following are five smart uses of social media in educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities

5 mistakes to avoid in buying School Exam-Result Software

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Walk in to any school today and one of the most time-consuming tasks that they face is to publish results and print report cards. Teachers are anyways busy with teaching tasks and in addition they have to check test copies, prepare marks lists, compile result of different subjects and then prepare report cards. In this process there is duplicate data entry at multiple points and all of it is manual. This leads to a very high possibility of inadvertent data entry errors.

To avoid all these hassles, schools can get a good Exam-Result management software. However, don’t make these 5 mistakes when selecting an Exam-result software for your school.

CBSE asks schools to go cashless

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In a circular dated 10th December 2016, the Secretary of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Mr. Joseph Emmanuel has asked all CBSE affiliated schools to go cashless.

Top 5 technology mistakes schools make

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The modern day education is incorporating technology at all possible levels. However, here are the top 5 technology mistakes every school must learn to avoid

Social Sharing – School marketing at its best

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The ubiquity of social media has clearly changed our information sharing processes. What was probably ignored or never heard of earlier can make sensational headlines and gather mass attention in a span of five minutes. Our thoughts, behaviours and actions are greatly influenced by social media sharing and there is no denying this fact. The factors that have made social media the king of information dissemination are as follows –

Fees management system

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Fees Management system can be defined as a school management software (including mobile apps) that allows
online school fees payment and streamlines all the inflows and outflows pertaining to the same. It is convenient for both the school administration and the parents to manage timely payments in a hassle free manner. The fees management system is an indispensable technology in today’s time due to the following reasons –