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School Newsletter – A potent marketing tool

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Mostly all schools wish to maintain highest possible level of personal interaction with parents. However, this is not possible on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. And this is where schools use their newsletters to reach out to the parents and maintain a relationship with them. Newsletters are mostly updates about the school, the progress it is making, the new policies or changes and the general motto of the school. Best educational apps help the school roll out these newsletters to parents automatically and can be of great value. A school newsletter has its own importance that cannot be undermined because of the following purposes it serves

Online school fees payment

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In today’s era of digitization, online school fees payment systems have emerged as a promising innovation that is going to revolutionize the way fees payments work in the education system. Traditional methods of fees management are taking a back seat and online transactions are gaining precedence. Let’s have a detailed look as to how the concept of fees management software has gained such popularity and acclaim-

Can technology bridge school-parent communication gap?

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Communication gap is a problem all over the world. To cope up with it, technology is currently being used. Schools are now handling this problem using mobile apps for parents. They are providing parents with all the information they can, over school mobile apps and helping them get closer to their ward as well as the school.