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Managing the scheduling of exams in your school, publishing results and printing report cards could be a time-consuming task. Not anymore!

myly Gradebook Software allows you to schedule your exams in advance and publish them as needed. Automatic reminders are sent by the system automatically before the exam. Results can be uploaded in marks or grades and get automatic analytics about your results. Set your own gradebook pattern or copy from our standard patterns list. You can print your own report cards any time.

Exam Notifications

Parents and Students receive notifications for exams scheduled by the school.

Automated Reminders

Get automated reminders on myly app before the scheduled date of the exam.

Role-based access

Only staff members you authorize will be able to access Exam-result details.

Syllabus with exam

Attach syllabus for each exam with the notification for parents to see on myly app.

Result on myly app

Parents can see result on myly app with average and maximum score analytics.

PDF report cards

You can even create your own PDF results and publish to parents on myly app


Result publishing and analytics becomes error-free as there is minimum manual intervention.

Save Time

Planning and scheduling exams and publishing results is no longer a time consuming job with myly.

Secure & Safe

Secure encryption technology and highly secure data centers always keep your data safe

How it works

Create Exam Pattern

Schedule exams & publish

Upload results for exams

Print report cards

Reports & Analytics