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Is your Free School App selling your data?

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As a future ready school, you may be looking to use a mobile app or may already be using one. However, if you have a FREE School Mobile App on your mind, we have bad news to share with you.

Have you ever thought why these companies are giving you a free service? Is anything really free today?

Can technology bridge school-parent communication gap?

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Communication gap is a problem all over the world. To cope up with it, technology is currently being used. Schools are now handling this problem using mobile apps for parents. They are providing parents with all the information they can, over school mobile apps and helping them get closer to their ward as well as the school.

Reasons behind soaring school mobile apps

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School Mobile apps have shown a great growth in western states. But increasing number of Smartphone users in India and its digital statistics suggests that India is set to see the spark of School Mobile apps. Increasing usage of school mobile apps can be credited to the benefits that these apps provide to schools, parents and teachers.

School website vs. school mobile app

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In today’s world, both website and school Mobile app have their own significance. Website may be suitable for showing static and generic data for everyone. On the other hand, school mobile app allows school to reach out to parents more effectively with user generated dynamic data.

The school website is distinctly different from a school mobile app. Here are some key differences between the two.