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Can technology bridge school-parent communication gap?

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Communication gap is a problem all over the world. To cope up with it, technology is currently being used. Schools are now handling this problem using mobile apps for parents. They are providing parents with all the information they can, over school mobile apps and helping them get closer to their ward as well as the school.

4 Ways for schools to keep up with technology

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Technology has come long ahead of the time when it was an add-on. Its a need in todays world. Therefore, schools and institutions have started to adopt technology too. But there are some problems that they face while adopting it. Check for recent developments, know what your competitors are doing and keep assessing the changes to integrate technology seamlessly.

Cloud computing in educational institutions!

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Cloud computing is trending since its very endeavor. Educational institutions are gearing up with cloud computing as well. The reason being advantages such as reduced IT costs and easy accessibility of content. Adoption of Cloud computing by several schools have inspired other institutions to adopt it as well.

Top 5 technology mistakes schools make

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The modern day education is incorporating technology at all possible levels. However, here are the top 5 technology mistakes every school must learn to avoid